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Trekking without these can be painful | Find Hiking Checklist Here

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Hello Guys, Most of you get confuse what to take when you plan to trek somewhere. This is a perfect blog for people like you. I will be sharing the things that you should take depending upon the type of trek you are going to do. Sometimes a lack of things can be very expensive to your pockets. I will provide you with reasons to take these things and where can you use them. The more advantage about this article is that I will be sharing the links from where you can buy these things at a very affordable price. This way this becomes the complete article on things that you must have for Trekking or Hiking.

Here is the summery of the things that we will be talking about.

  • Water Filter Bottle – Life Saver
  • Trekking Shoes – Holds you Well
  • Jacket – Keep You Dry
  • Type of Hiking Bag – Choose the correct Type
  • Swiss Knife – Multipurpose Artifact
  • SunGlasses or Snow Glasses – Shield for your Eyes
  • Trekking Pole – More than Assistance
  • Torch / Head Flashlight – Ray of Hope
  • Umbrella – Shelter in Rain
  • First-Aid Kit – Medical Help
  • Compass – You keep you guided
  • Binocular – See what is far

Let’s get Started | Must Have Things for Trekking – Part 1

1. Water Filter Bottle – Life Saver

wate filter bottle
Water Filter Bottle

If it is winter or summer, Water plays an important role in Trekking or hiking. But you must be thinking, why not an ordinary bottle. Because you might take some amount of water but that amount does not give you a guarantee that you would not need more. You would come in a situation where all your water gets over and you are bound to drink water from outside. In that case, this filter enabled water bottle is very helpful in cleaning the water up to 99%. I recommend this bottle in the image that is from Amazon. It is compact, comes with a tag, gives you assurance of cleaning water, and very cost-effective.

Water Storage Collapsible Bottle

Second Water Bottle I would recommend is a collapsable water bottle. These types of water bottles are very useful because they consume less space. This type of bottle with an embedded filter would cost you a little much that is why it is up to you if you want to buy. But I would surely recommend buying this bottle in Image. This is a Collapsible Outdoor Water Bottle with a capacity of 3L. This bottle is useful for short hikes and treks where you know the amount of water you would need. It also has a very soft and long suction tube, which you can always keep close and whenever you feel thirsty you don’t need to take the bottle out.

2. Shoes for Hiking – Holds you Well

We didn’t notice but shoes save us all the time from falling. And yes, they are your best friends in Hiking/Trekking. Every type of shoes are not good for hiking, you need more grip on land and mountains. You also need a comfortable base so that your legs do not ache after prolonged walking. The shoes that I have recommended are Wildcraft Men’s Trekking Shoes and Quechua Women’s Hiking Shoes. Quechua has been a trusted brand and they are always valued for their quality. And, I like the performance of Wildcraft Trekking shoes. They can handle a lot of wear and tear.

3. Jacket – Keep You Dry

ZEEL brand rain coat jacket
Jacket from ZEEL

Jackets are another shield of layer between you and the weather. Choose Jackets depending on the weather. You can not compromise in the quality of Jackets. The jackets that you will use in monsoon should not be only able to keep you dry but also prevent you from the cold temperatures. Use the type of jackets that fits your size, as it will not hinder your path and increase mobility. The product here I am recommending is a ZEEL Men’s Tapping Raincoat Jacket with Hood. Zeel is a brand that you can trust. They have a huge range of Raincoats and other monsoon wears. Check out the pricing and other details by pressing the Know More Details button.

4. Type of Hiking Bag – Choose the correct Type

must have thing for Trekking comfortable bag
Rucksack for Hiking

In hiking most of the time you have to reach the base camp and then after some refreshment and rest you move on to the main trek. Ideally, you should carry a rucksack to your camping point and leave your rucksack and trek with only a few very essential things. Prolonged Hiking with a lot of weight on your shoulder would create a problem for you. I have recommended a Yo! Hiking Bag with a capacity of 65 Litres. This is not the best I have seen in the market but according to the price, this is good.

5. Swiss Knife – Multipurpose Artifact

A Swiss knife is a multipurpose tool that can be very useful sometimes. Whether you are fishing, cooking, or partying at a campsite, carving wood, or gutting fish, you can use them anywhere. That is why this is a must have Things for Trekking. Most of the people are not aware of all the functions that can be performed using a swiss knife. I recommend a budget-friendly swiss knife that you can purchase if you already don’t have it. I like the features of this product as it says Ideal for Rough Usage. If this product is strong as they claim to be, you cannot get a better deal.

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