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Traveling after COVID-19 in India (Laws and Responsibilities)

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Traveling after COVID will not be the same. You will have to follow all the precautions that you are taking now to maintain traveling safe for you and others. You will be traveling after COVID-19, but it won’t be the same. Life after lockdown will change the way we travel before Most of the evidence in the world are showing sign of Environmental restoration and hence a responsibility on us to keep the same. Co2 in the atmosphere has decreased drastically and the ozone layer is restoring itself. The beaches are cleaner which is attracting more animals on the seashore. Here’s are what Travelers need to know a few positive changes happened because of lockdown to our environment.

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Laws and Social Responsibility to keep in mind while travelling in India.

1) Want to fly or board a train after this Lockdown?  Get a Doctor’s certificate.

People are getting checked up at airports
People are getting checked up at Airport

If you are traveling after COVID from one state to another via train or airplane, do carry a fitness certificate from a registered medical authority. It will avoid unnecessary checkups at places. In India two things are being checked are a Fitness certificate and an Aarogya Setu Android application Install on your phone. This is going to continue for a long time, especially if you are traveling to and from major cities.

Download link of the App: Aarogya Setu

2) Adopt Safety Habits while traveling after COVID

Image of mask, and gloves to protect us from covid
Mask and Gloves are tools for year 2020

It took us long enough to adopt these habits in our daily routine and these are so much important when you will be traveling after COVID to keep you and others safe. These habits reduce the change of getting contact with the virus and hence save you from deadly coronavirus. Wash your hand, wear a Mask, and Maintain Social Distancing will help in fattening the curve.

3) Where to travel after Covid 19?

people have came to see taj mahal of agra during COVID 19
Tourist visiting Taj Mahal

Plan your travel well once this lockdown is over and you can travel. There was a time when we won’t think much before moving out to places. Post lockdown you need to be cautious when it comes to plan your tour. There is a huge impact on travel and hospitality Industry. When you are travelling after Covid, you might find many hotels not vacant and even some are closed. To be comfortable, plan your tour with a trusted organization that assure you hassle free service and follow them.

4) Regular Exercise will bring change

morning exercise routine
Exercise Routine

Traveling after COVID 19 pandemic will also have a major impact on health. Some of us would have gained some weight as there was not much work to do during the quarantine. Whatever you do the whole day but there should be a dedicated 15min to 30min to workout. I am not suggesting an intense workout. Just a yoga and stretching would work. This will keep your heart become healthy, clean your blood, better circulation, and keep you out of stress.

5) Focus on healthy food and build Immunity while traveling after COVID

Boost your Immunity is Need of Hour
Boost your Immunity is Need of Hour

The Most Important thing you should keep in your mind traveling after COVID 19 is Your Immunity. Your body Immunity will help you fight any pathogens in the body. Don’t eat a lot of Junk food and avoid smoking too much. Covid-19 is a virus that attacks your respiratory organs like lungs. The more you will adopt a healthy lifestyle less vulnerable you become. Avoid visiting international places and if possible try to visit safe places in your country when you travel after COVID.

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