Goodbye is not a word, It's an emotion! After a great trip.

Goodbye is not a word, It’s an Emotion! After a great trip.

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The word goodbye is used to express good wishes when parting from a place or with a person. It’s never easy to leave a place or people that were close to us at a certain point in time. Goodbyes are never convenient, behind this word thousands of feelings are hidden. But, as it is said to begin a new chapter, we should end the previous one.

My personal experience:
Traveling Europe

From my childhood until my graduation, I was in the same atmosphere with my family and friends. But, for a new startup, I had to leave everyone. Though, it’s quite difficult to adjust to a new place with new people and surroundings. As that’s life and the same happened to me.

Not only I had parted from my city, but from the people who are everything to me. When we are blessed with lovely people, that very moment we don’t value them. We understand their importance when we are distant from them.

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Overwhelming Emotions!

Earlier, relationships didn’t matter to me. I always took them for granted. But this phase of my life taught me a lesson. In search of our future plans and a good life, we are lost somewhere. We forget our present and are being pissed off by over-weighted words like stress, overthinking, career, future, etc.

Regardless of how long someone has been a part of our lives, whether it’s a minute, a second, or an hour, their impact will always stay with us. Even after saying the simple but at the same time complicated word “goodbye”.

Normally, the word goodbye showers some negative impacts. Like we are never going to meet the person after pronouncing the word. Also at the same time, it folds millions of memories behind the word. So, it’s not a casual word to say off. Also, at the same time, it simply means I will miss you until we meet again.

Besides, all these at a certain point in our life, the word ‘goodbye’ plays an essential role. To start a new phase of life, we should cut off the previous one.

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Negative Aspects:

When we are surrounded by too many negative people it’s better to utter this word. Negative people and surroundings contain strong impacts on our life, which can shatter us drastically.

Positive aspects:

The balance of personal and professional life gets ruined. We are stuck with lots of complications. Short time suffers are better than long time pain. So, in this situation goodbye has positive impacts.


The finality associated with urging goodbye is demanding. Though it’s a powerful word, hence enables us to achieve new heights and ultimately move on in our lives.

So, we should accept changes in our lives. It’s difficult but mandatory since life cannot be the same in every phase. Therefore we can say that

It’s not easy to say goodbye, but it’s time for me to fly!

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2 thoughts on “Goodbye is not a word, It’s an Emotion! After a great trip.”

  1. sayandip mukherjee

    awesome this quarentine times it gives me a bit of pleasure to touch the nature..thanks guys

  2. We can relate most of the situation specially in this condition where whole world going through covid 19 crisis. Where we have understand the importance of people in our life.

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