Earn Money on Amazon Influencer | Make $100 easily in India

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This article is about how you can Earn Money on the Amazon Influencer platform. You would first think that why a Travel Website has this article about earning money. So guys, along with travel guidance we also encourage profession that will help you become a full-time traveler. This will be complete guidance on how you can leverage this platform to make money.

Earn Money on Amazon Influencer | Do research before getting into it.

The first question that will strike you is “Is it for you”. I will be giving some of the pointers over which you can ponder and find if you are a good fit. Before we start I want to ask if you guys know about Influencers; who they are and what they do. If not, please read about Influencers a little. This will enhance your understanding of Amazon Influencer. Now when you aware of a little background let’s get started. Click on the button below and it will redirect you to the page where you can create your account for the Amazon Influencer.

Quality vs Quantity | Start Thinking

If you have a huge audience base on any of the social platforms and engagement is good, you can be a good fit. A huge audience doesn’t mean you should have a million followers or subscribers. I got my account verified with 8k followers on my Instagram. It really doesn’t mean about the number of followers or subscribers. If you have a 2k subscriber on YouTube but your engagement( Likes, Comments, Share, and etc) is really good, you have a high chance of getting your account verified for Amazon Influencer. If you are a digital marketing person, you should surely get into this. With your knowledge of digital marketing, you can utilize this opportunity more than anyone.

Amazon Influencer is more than Amazon Affiliate

There was a time when bloggers fight for getting their Amazon Affiliate account approved. But with the advent of the Amazon Influencer Program, amazon has tried to pull potential from Influencer giving them a shop of their own. This shop will have products that your audience would like to buy or might be interested in. You can also segregate them into different sections by creating a new Idea List.

utkarsh sharma on amazon influencer utkarshsharmax

If you are all set with your shop creation, It’s time to start earning

How to start in beginning | Pre-Earning Hustle

If you are very established on your social platform then it would not be a difficult goal for you. But for those people who have a little audience, they have to follow the Law of brand awareness. It says that you have to create awareness in your audience first of all before doing something new. This will create a void for that information in the audience. You should start getting a few clicks. You can monitor your insights from https://affiliate-program.amazon.in/home.

earn money on amazon influencer folkslyfo

Marketing your Affiliate Link | Get a boost

Amazon affiliates are unlike other affiliate links. Whenever a user clicks on your Affiliate link a session is created that remains active for 24 hours. So, if that user has shop anything from amazon after that you will get the commission. This is a major advantage of being an amazon influencer and an affiliate marketer at once.

Source: https://affiliate-program.amazon.in/help/operating/agreement

Now comes the question, how you are going to promote your product. Your product link should reach thousands of people who are actually looking for products related to your niche. Here comes social media marketing. Products like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram Ads, and etc are effective tools to market your products to the targeted audience and help you earn money on the Amazon Influencer. This will cost you in beginning but this way you will easily make $10 – $100. I was Influenced by an India Amazon Influencer who got his approval in March 2020 and now he is earning more than $100 just using Facebook Ads.

Amazon Bounty Events | More open doors

If you think after reading the above paragraph that it is the end. Here are a few more opportunities that amazon provides you with a fixed bounty fee. Amazon has a lot of different products like Amazon Prime, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Amazon Kindle E-Book, and many more. There is a huge market for people loving Amazon products. Amazon pays you for promoting these products too. Every bounty event has a unique fixed fee that you get.

earn money on amazon influencer and amazon bounty

This was a brief article on the various opportunities that Amazon has started providing to the people. The competition is less as it has started recently soon people will realize the full potential of the platform and then it would be difficult to start. Keep an eye on it and whenever you get a chance, signup. You can always reach me on my Instagram account (@utkarshsharmax).

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